Altar Society - Serving the Needs of the Parish

Next Meeting
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
6:30pm in the Church Entryway
Bring a Main Dish or a Salad

Just a heads up.... our meeting is one week earlier and Fr. Peter did not announce it so hope all of you will be coming!! This Wednesday at 6:30 per usual. Bring your favorite finger foods and snacks, DESSERT provided, beverages also, wine, coffee and tea. Please come join us for prayer, fellowship and input on our goals. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

Photos from the 2017 Bake Sale at the Yard Sale

Photos from our September 2015 Meeting

Our Goals

The primary goal of the Altar Society is to help where there is a need in the parish such as creating the new red banners, table cover and altar drape.

What are some of the activities of the Altar Society?

The Altar Society in involved in a number of parish ministries some of which include:

  • Meeting the liturgical expenses of St. Peter parish including sanctuary candles, altar breads, vestment dry cleaning, etc.
  • Sponsoring a seminarian, providing him with a small sum for his personal needs plus an occasional care package.
  • Replenishing the parish linens
  • Meals Ministry to help during times of family crisis
  • Card Ministry - Sending greeting cards to parishioners for significant occasions.
  • Prayer Shawl Ministry - When we hear of a need from someone in the parish we pray over a shawl and then someone delivers it.
  • Hospitality

What takes place at an Altar Society Meeting?

The meetings begin conversationally with welcoming new members, then get underway with prayer. Some time is taken with intercessory prayer for family, friends and the needs of the community .

Business includes reading the minutes and a hospitality report. If a card is being sent out members sign the card. Next comes any old or new business. A big goal for last year was organizing a new edition of the Parish Directory.

The meeting ends with prayer followed by fellowship. Altar Society officers make coffee and volunteers bring goodies. Meetings usually conclude by 8:30pm.

Is there a cost associated with membership

Monthly dues are $1.50/mo. or $15/year. Our Treasurer is Mary Ann Frieze. The dues fund many of the ministries of the Altar Society.

For more information

... to arrange transportation
... or just to make a contact before your first meeting

Call Elvira Patterson at (541) 688-0920
or Kathy Glazier at (541)-688-6507

Our New Sponsored Seminarian is Sebastian Richardson

Our Previous Sponsored Seminarian is now Fr. Anthony !!

Click here to see more coverage of Fr. Anthony's ordenation in this Catholic Sentinel article.

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