We will rise again, on the last day

Death is a constant in our lives.

Yet we, as Catholics, believe in the resurrection of of the dead and life for all the world to come. And so, when loved ones pass from this life to the next, we gather as a faithful community to celebrate the end of a "sacramental life" and the beginning of a new life found in the wellspring that is our common and shared Baptism in Christ.

Preparing for the funeral at St. Peter's

For families or individuals who desire to celebrate the life of a loved one in a funeral at St. Peter's, we offer several different liturgical rites:

A vigil service is designed for families that seek an intimate, evening gathering with the deceased. This service also offers an longer format to speak openly, honestly and lovingly about the impact of the deceased in lives of those gathered, be they family or friends.

A Christian funeral is the traditional Catholic service to celebrate the life of the deceased in the common liturgy of the Church. We offer two forms: a funeral service and a funeral mass. In both services, we provide guidance to the families and individuals in the selection of readings for the Liturgy of the Word, not to mention appropriate hymns, prayers and music.

Families and individuals who are seeking a Funeral Mass with the Liturgy of the Eucharist will be instructed in the pastoral care and responsibility to all those attending the service, some of who might not be Catholic or even practicing Christians.

Finally, a graveside service in which the presider is present for final blessings and prayers at the time and place of burial can also be provided.

Below is a list of the partial requirements for families and individuals seeking to have a funeral at St. Peter's. The family, individual or the deceased itself must:

  • Have a pastoral connection to St. Peter's
  • Attend all required funeral preparatory sessions
  • Understand the Christian commitment to the dead

Funerals at St. Peter's

To emphasize the importance of the passing of the deceased, funerals are offered throughout the liturgical year. A priest is the presider for a funeral mass and a deacon can be the presider at a funeral service. Although there is no charge for use of St. Peter's, there is a stole fee for the priest as the presider during the liturgy.

If desired, the St. Peter's Hospitality Committee provides a luncheon following all funerals, but they do require a 72-hour minimum advance notice. We charge $2.50 per person attending the luncheon.

For more information about funerals and how to celebrate the life of loved one, contact our parish office..

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