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The funeral ministry group has been asked to help out with the luncheon to be served at the coming parish retreat April 19/20.
The luncheon will take place on Saturday, April 20th.
If you can help with setup, serving, or cleanup, your assistance would be most welcome.
Contact Theresa in the parish office (541) 688-1051 or Carol Dewey at (541) 689-7902.

Our Purpose

Funeral Ministry provides support to the grieving wrapped in the warmth of a caring community. Just knowing that the parish came together to make these salads and put on this lunch expresses our support for the loved ones of the deceased and underlies the value the departing soul.

How does Funeral Ministry work?

Our activity begins with a call from Theresa in the parish office after she has spoken with the family and has learned that the family would like a luncheon. Then this group goes into action.

  • Lois Banks calls on parishioners to bring salads. All parishioners are asked in turn to help out in this way.
  • The family pays for the catered food: typically sandwiches or fried chicken, desserts and beverages.
  • Members of the funeral ministry group set up tables. We use table cloths and have different center pieces that reflect on the person whose life is being remembered. Setup usually takes place the day before the luncheon.
  • The luncheon is served buffet style. Usually 4-6 people serve. The same people usually help with the cleanup.

How many people attend the funeral luncheons?

Around 40-100 people.

How often do the the funeral luncheons take place?

There are about 6-8 funeral luncheons per year.

For more information ... or to get involved

Call Theresa Elliott at the parish office (541) 688-1051
or Carol Dewey at (541) 689-7902

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