Mass at St. Peter's

We offer a variety of masses that reflect the multi-generational community that can be found at St. Peter's.

Many in our community enjoy our Saturday evening liturgy at 4:00 pm. Mary Grace Wible, our Director of Music, leads our singing with her cantering and her guitar. She is often accompanied by other musicians from our parish. You will find a base fiddle and sometime a base guitar.

Others enjoy our family mass on Sunday mornings. School age children are invited to attend Children's Liturgy of the Word which is held year round. They are dismissed after the entrance rites to process to our chapel for their own Liturgy of the Word. They return to the Church for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Once a months we have a youth mass where the youth of our parish provide the liturgical ministry. Music for this mass is led by Mary Grace Wible, our Director of Music accompanied by our community choir and musicians. One a month they are joined by our children's choir.

Sunday morning mass time is 10:30am

After our weekend masses, we continue our celebration of community with pastry, juice, coffee and occasionally an ice cream sunday. We encourage our parishioners to remember the hungry by bring a non-perishable food item for the St. Vincent de Paul food boxes located in our gathering space.

We offer a daily mass in our chapel at 8:30 am Wednesday and Friday. You can attend daily mass at our sister parish St. Mark's on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 am. (Monday morning there is a Prayer Service at 8:30am at St. Mark.)

To find out more about the different masses, just click on the tabs below the liturgy button.

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