Marriage - Love is patient, love is kind

The Sacrament of Marriage

The Sacrament of Marriage is a joyful opportunity for adults to express their love and fidelity to one another before the Catholic Church. The Church admires and supports adults in the process of marriage owing to rich and deep sacramental nature of life that is nurtured by both partners and further reinforced by the Church and the worshipping christian community. As the domestic family is the root of the Church worldwide, the Church and all its ministers help to support the couple preparing for marriage to intimately understand the joys of living the Christian life.

Preparing for the sacrament at St. Peter's

For the individuals seeking marriage in the Church, St. Peter's offers a comprehensive series of preparatory classes using Scripture, sacramental theology, couples therapy and common sense to help the couple fully receive the the sacraments of marriage in the Church.

In this age of the self-help books and "starter" marriages, the demands of our secular life places a heavy burden on the growing faith relationship we encounter with Christ through the Sacrament of Marriage. Our goal is to have adults understand their role in the Church as a married couple and how best to integrate that life alongside the demands we face each and every day as disciples of Christ.

Below is a list of the full requirements for couples seeking to be married at St. Peter's. The couple must:

  • At least one of the two must be a practicing Catholic.
  • Regularly attend weekly Mass
  • Attend all required marriage preparatory classes
  • Both must be age of 18 years or older

Receiving the sacraments at St. Peter's

In being married into the Church, the couple becomes a role model of charity, love and service to the Church. To emphasize the importance of this sacrament, marriages are offered throughout the year, except for during Lent. Our pastor, Fr. Michael J. Antony, administers the sacrament.

Please note that we require at least six months notice for weddings to take place at St. Peter's. To register yourself and your intended spouse or for more information about our marriage preparatory programs, contact our parish office..

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